Let's talk the importance WATER!

Let's talk the importance WATER!

So why is water so important for our health?!?! 

Water is an essential nutrient that our body needs just like oil is essential for a car to function properly.

  1. Water helps the kidneys to function optimally.  The kidney is an organ that cleans the blood by removing chemicals that the body doesn’t need and releases them into the urine. 
  2. Water prevents constipation by working with high fiber foods in the intestines.  The water is absorbed by the fiber which helps to keep stools soft, large and easy to pass.  If you  don’t drink enough water, the body will steal water away from the stool in your intestinal tract, contributing to small, hard, infrequent, and uncomfortable bowel movements. 
  3. Water helps the brain function effectively.  The brain needs adequate amounts of water to help you think and to properly send messages to the rest of your body.  You may even find that you will have improved energy when you are adequately hydrated!
  4. Water helps your muscles work effectively.  Water helps keep the muscles  hydrated and flexible.   When muscles (and ORGANS) are dehydrated, they can’t move as easily and don’t function as efficiently as hydrated ones.  Dehydrated muscles get tired and tighten up more easily.
  5. Water can act as “good medicine.” Water helps prevent breathing passages from drying out and getting plugged with mucus.  Water will help cure a dry cough and loosen secretions in the lungs that cause a deep chest cough. When you get a fever, one of the body’s many strategies to keep itself cool and fight the fever is to sweat.  Drinking water during this time is essential to replenish lost fluids from sweating.  Water can help prevent your body from overheating.  

Often, a very dry mouth and sudden thirst means the body already needs water.  Try to drink water even when you are not thirsty.

If you find drinking enough water is hard for you, consider creating a routine, a habit, or system for drinking water.  Maybe find a water bottle that you can refill so that you can keep track of your water intake & know how many full water bottles you need to drink from that container.  

If you need help brainstorming how to make this work for you, I am here for you and would be happy to help in this way.  I want you to be experiencing all the benefits from your body functioning to its full capacity!  I think you will be amazed at the difference adequate hydration can make.


Sending you peace, love & wellness!

Your Wellness Coach at LHL, Chelsea

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