Let's talk about FRUITS & VEGGIES!

Let's talk about FRUITS & VEGGIES!

I want to share with you a little bit more of my story. 

I went to nursing school right out of high school, worked as a Registered Nurse in a variety of different settings for about 6 years and ever since I was expecting my first son, I haven’t gone back.  

I saw and heard a lot of things that were extremely challenging to me in many ways and I quickly realized that there are many gaps in our “healthcare” (sickcare) system and I knew with my entire heart that I wanted to be someone who bridged the gap for people. 

My first position as a nurse was in the Medical ICU at Allegheny General. I learned so much and I really liked how I was able to help people, however, I burned out within a year and not only was I helping my patients survive, I felt like I was just surviving.  My health began to suffer and I knew I needed to make changes in the direction of not only my career but also how I took care of myself. 

I want to thrive and not just survive and I want to help other people do the same.  After 6 years of searching how to help people thrive, someone shared the mission of the Juice Plus company, which I had never heard of, and my life has been forever changed for the better. 

Today, 4 and a half years later, I write to tell you a little bit about it. The Juice Plus+ mission is to inspire healthy living around the world. We want to impact lives and communities forever. We help people get healthier by simplifying the process of getting more plants in their bodies.  

Plants have phytonutrients which heal our bodies at the cellular level. Actually healing occurs. 

It is miraculous what has been given to us in nature. 

Did you know that broccoli and its sprouts contain naturally occurring elements with potent cancer-fighting properties? That is why broccoli sprouts are used in the production of our complete shake mix. They are powerful and healing and preventative. 

Juice Plus+ has technology to crush raw produce (leaves, seeds, peels, the WHOLE thing), extract the water and the sugar, and encapsulate it!!! It is also backed by many gold standard clinical research studies and has been published in many scientific papers.  The findings are MIND BLOWING AMAZING!   To see the in depth summary of how Juice Plus is impacting people’s health for good, click here

To sum it up, it is showing:

  • Increases skin micro-circulation, boosting skin hydration, thickness, and density in middle-aged women 
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • It is actually getting into your bloodstream
  • It is balancing your immune system (so it's not over reacting and fighting itself like in autoimmune disorders and it is not poorly functioning where you catch everything you are around)
  • Increased antioxidant levels in the bloodstream
  • Improved gum health
  • Helps maintain blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and homocysteine levels 
  • Support the normal elasticity of the arteries and to blunt the effects of a high-fat meal 
  • Helps protect your DNA from oxidation (preventing cancer)
  • Supports the body’s ability to use insulin effectively 
  • Help improve body composition by reducing abdominal fat
  • Improve key cognitive processes, including working memory, selective attention, processing speed, and executive function. 
  • Positively impacts the gut microbiome, supporting gut health
  • Reduces oxidation in trained men and women
  • Supports several parameters of healthy lung function, including forced expiratory flow and diffusion capacity

This is all from one simple change that you can ADD to your routine. I loved the concept of adding more good to my life instead of taking away.  It gave me simplicity in what I was doing and also what I was focusing on. Instead of thinking about all the things I should not eat, I was beginning to focus on what I want to eat MORE of! PLANTS! YAY!!!

If you’re ready to jumpstart your daily nutrition with some Juice Plus+, I’m here for it! 

I’m obsessed with getting people started and helping them be one step closer to THRIVING.  

I’m on the mission of my life and I LOVE it. 

Will you let me help you? 

Even if you eat a lot of plants now, I promise you- this will help you get a much wider variety, the produce in the capsules are much richer in nutrition, and it will be the easiest habit of your day :)

Reach out with your questions and don't forget- we have a family program where you can actually earn money back on your product and kids get to eat Juice Plus for free with an adult sponsor. Not all the details about these things are on the website because the company has it designed for an actual person like ME to help YOU :) If you want more info, please email me at ChelseaLeslieJP@gmail.com and we'll chat!


Sending you peace, love & wellness!

Your wellness coach, Chelsea

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