How are you, REALLY?

How are you, REALLY?

How are you feeling? Like really, really feeling?

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Depressed?

Let’s Assess!

I thoroughly enjoy helping people with life assessments.  

I think that it is the nurse in me that appreciates the power of an accurate assessment.  

If you have an inaccurate assessment, you may do things that aren’t really needed, miss something entirely, or even do something that is harmful. So, how are you feeling? Let’s assess! 

Consider WHY you are stressed out.  

If you don’t know specifically why you are stressed out and you are going around just feeling overwhelmed and frazzled, then it is precious energy being wasted. 

I want to help you gain some insight with an in depth assessment of your stress so that you can relieve some of those symptoms of overwhelm. 

Ok, first thing’s first! Get out a pen or pencil and a piece of paper if you are able. If not, go to the list app on your phone or even text yourself a message!

Read the following questions and allow them to penetrate your heart and mind and write everything that comes up.  Some of the questions are pretty much the same but you may find new things come to mind when worded slightly different.  Now, let’s assess!

  • What exactly is making me stressed out? Get specific. 
  • What has me feeling so overwhelmed? 
  • What kinds of thoughts am I thinking? 
  • What do I feel like I have to do right now? 
  • What is weighing on my heart and mind?
  • Why do I think these things are overwhelming? 
  • What are the things I am currently trying to accomplish?
  • When is the last time I felt calm?

Are you feeling better already? I know that almost every time I do this, I experience some relief and everything doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I gain clarity

How much of what you wrote is true? What is urgent? What can wait? What lies might you be believing? Do you have any thoughts that you need to kick to the curb right away? Maybe instead of rehursing in your mind “I feel discouraged with how FAR I have to go with _____”  you can replace that statement with some self encourgaement like, “I am doing the best that I can do with what I have and everything that NEEDS to get done today will get done.  Life is a journey!”

YOU GOT THIS!! I'm cheering for you.

Sending you peace, love & wellness!

Your wellness coach, Chelsea

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